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Dental surgeries

We have been providing comprehensive dental care for over 20 years.

Our surgeries

they provide you with above-standard dental care without fear of pain and with the possibility of time flexibility. We are here for everyone who really cares about teeth.

laboratory of dental technology

Under the leadership of Mgr. Danka Rybárová, Dipl. z. t. with 30 years of experience in the field.


is equipped with modern technology, instruments and materials. Our aim is to provide the highest quality prosthetic restorations made using the latest technological procedures.

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  • X-ray

    You need X-rays. . .

  • teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening become. . .

  • Root treatment

    To treat the root you need. . .


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ourprice list

The most common question „How much will I cost 1 tooth?“ Is a selection of the most frequent performances from the price list. In our surgery you will always find out the price of procedures before the treatment begins. In addition, when you issue an account, we’ll walk through and explain all the items so you don’t have any doubts about what was done and what you pay for.

what our patients say

“I hated visiting a dental clinic during school. Today I see it differently – modern appliances and a professional dentist approach have shown me that the visit can be painless and spent in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.”Marek T.

“After some hesitation, I told myself that I liked myself well and had better dental care. Quality work on teeth is appreciated not only directly at the dentist, but also while eating. I went for quality and I found it here.”Ivana K.